50001 Ready 2024 Virtual Training

The Better Plants program will deliver a Virtual Training on 50001 Ready during Mar 28 to May 16, 2024. The 50001 Ready VT will be performed by industrial experts and Technical Account Managers using online video communication technologies. The 50001 Ready VT comprises eight (8) 2.5-hour online training sessions (2-hour formal training and optional 0.5-hour Q&A) that will be delivered every Thursday 10:00AM–12:30PM ET for eight (8) consecutive weeks. Participating in this VT is free and open to all US manufacturers.

Participants will learn the basics of 50001 Ready energy management system that is structured using ISO 50001 standard. Attendees will utilize the DOE 50001 Ready Navigator and several software tools such as, EnPI Lite, Energy Footprint and Automated Register of Implemented Projects (Project Register) with real data and case study to enhance the learning. This event will prepare participants to start implementing ISO 50001 practices and even achieve 50001 Ready recognition.

To maximize the benefits from attending VT, homework assignments will be given to the participants at the end of each session and will be due by the next session. These homework assignments are designed to enhance participants’ understanding and implementation of 50001 Ready. Although we do not expect participants to finish every task in the 50001 Ready Navigator by the end of the training, participants are expected to have a working draft started, and in some cases completed, for each of the tasks.

After attending the 50001 Ready VT, if participants are interested in implementing 50001 Ready across their facilities and get these facilities certified, the Better Plants program can refer them to join the 50001 Ready Implementation Cohort offered by U.S. DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office.

At the completion of the VT, Professional Development Hours (PDHs) Certificates will be prepared for the attendees on demand basis.

50001 Ready Virtual In-Plant Training Agenda

Mar 28 to May 16, 2024; Every Thursday 10:00AM–12:30PM ET (2-hour formal training + optional 0.5-hour Q&A)

Week 1 – Introduction to all tasks; Mar 28, 2024

Introduction to strategic energy management and continuous improvement; introduction to ISO 50001 – Energy Management Standard; introduction and practical exercise on the 50001 Ready Navigator.

Week 2 – Task 1–7; Apr 4, 2024

Understand the context of a 50001 EnMS; outline and confirm top management commitment; confirm scope and boundaries; review legal requirements, energy team, and energy policy; Discuss the organization of the energy team; review the evaluation and management of risk.

Week 3 – Task 8–9; Apr 11, 2024

Understand data collection processes:  who, what, where, why, when, and how for monitoring and measuring; learn the two key PIE CHARTs process to show energy IN and energy CONSUMPTION; understand the processes for determination of significant energy users (SEUs); understand relevant variables and how to select and apply there.

Week 4 – Task 10–13; Apr 18, 2024

Verify effectiveness of data collection; review your selection of SEUs; understand processes for selecting improvement opportunities; learn the selection processes for EnPIs and EnBs; learn how to set up and implement objectives, targets and action plans.

Week 5 – Task 14–19; Apr 25, 2024

Understand EnMS requirements for competence, training, awareness, communication, and documentation; learn how to develop operational controls for SEUs and action plans and communicating this to operational personnel; understand how to define and react to signification deviations from intended energy performance; review energy aspects for design and procurement teams.

Week 6 – Task 20–21; May 2, 2024

Learn about energy performance including the who, what, where, why, when and how of energy measurement, monitoring, analysis and evaluation; understand methods to evaluate energy performance improvement including use of relevant variables and linear regression; learn how to verify the effectiveness of the EnMS including action plans, EnPIs, and SEUs.

Week 7 – Task 22–25; May 9, 2024

Learn to plan and execute an internal auditing process for the EnMS; understand how to conduct a management review, including inputs and outputs; learn how to deal with EnMS nonconformities including needs for action, implementation of corrective actions, and verifying effectiveness; understand the need for the continual improvement of the EnMS beyond the initial implementation.

Week 8 – Review of All Tasks and Introduction to DOE 50001 Ready Implementation Cohort; May 16, 2024

Review highlights of all 25 tasks for 50001 Ready; check on all playbooks; time for Q&A on all tasks and playbooks; review next steps and how to apply for 50001 Ready Recognition from DOE; overview of DOE 50001 Ready Implementation Cohort.

Get to Know the Presenters

Mike Stowe (50001 Ready INPLT)

Mike is a Senior Energy Engineer with Advanced Energy in Raleigh, NC. He has over 28 years of experience in manufacturing plants including roles as production manager, maintenance manager, and plant engineer. Mike has extensive experience with many industrial processes and all types of plant facility systems. He works with utilities, industrial equipment vendors, and manufacturing plant teams to find the best technical and most energy efficient solutions for industrial processes. Mike has developed and delivered numerous presentations on Industrial Energy Efficiency and other related topics for utilities, industrial trade associations, and technical groups. Mike’s overall goal is to help industrial sites make more product with less energy input. He has extensive with strategic energy management systems and has several credentials for ISO 50001 and Superior Energy Performance (SEP)